Thursday, August 25, 2011

Des Moines Mystery Clue

Hey y'all, solve this puzzle to figure out the location for the FIRST mystery checkpoint on Sunday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Super exclusive interview with the one and only Stevil Kinevil

A true fan of Beer, Bikes, and Big Wheels,  Stevil Kinevil of All Hail the Black Market fame, kindly answered some questions for the Adventure Fit Life blog.

In case you don't know, we're here to let you know. Stevil is many things: a rider, writer, artist, lover of bikes, drinker of beer, and creator of many pithy thoughts. He's right up our alley and we thought he'd be up your alley too.

Some handsome devil with reflective nipples

Without further is the Q and A:

Adventure Fit: You’ve made a living out of being creative, loving bikes, and drinking beer. What words of advice do you have for others that want to live the ‘American dream’ in a similar fashion?

Stevil: The fact that I have kept my head above water doing this for two years is nothing short of a miracle and a combination of all of the components leading up to it being in perfect harmony. I have no advice for others than to hope the same set of circumstances could befall them as well.

Adventure Fit: You used to be a bike messenger in San Francisco. What’s the strangest think you’ve transported knowingly?
Stevil: I once delivered an end-of-the-day stay of execution that originated at Federal Court in San Francisco and had to be filed by five o’clock in Oakland. The woman blessed me on my way out of the office and I got it filed with less than a minute to spare. I also delivered a non-descript parcel to a non-descript jeweler’s office once and when they opened it I saw that it was tens of thousands of dollars in diamonds. That would have been a package worth ‘losing’.

Adventure Fit:Many people submit stories/videos/photos to your site – what’s the latest viral video that tickles your fancy?

Stevil: It’s been out for a while, but the one of the drunken baby in the bar of marionettes will probably be one of my longest standing favorites. Also a good number of the images and comments on the Imgur site are a never-ending source of entertainment.

Adventure Fit: For those looking for advice on a healthy lifestyle – what do you think is the best way to integrate a healthy dose of alcohol?

Stevil: A ‘healthy dose’ as in a dose that is good for you, or a dose that is in an abundance? If it’s the former you are asking, I heard from a doctor once that high quality gin has medicinal properties. If it’s the latter, open your mouth and pour it in. Just always remember-‘all things in moderation, including moderation’.

Adventure Fit: You have many pithy one-liners sold in sticker form. Which one best summarizes life in general?

Stevil: “I don’t f%*k around but when I do, I don’t f%*k around.”
A clowned out Stevil, giving some love to his doggie friend

Adventure Fit: If you could have only one bike – what would it be?

Stevil: I’ve long described my geared cross bike as the go-to bike and the one I would most prefer to be stranded on a desert island with, but I had Rick Hunter build me a 29er last year, and it has proven to me what real love is.

Adventure Fit: Describe your perfect day.

Stevil: I wake up in my mountain retreat, and gently slide away from the three beautiful women who are lying around me. I walk downstairs and put on the first Afghan Whigs record as I feed the cats and begin to prepare a big breakfast. Eventually all of my friends come shuffling out of their rooms and a few cans of beer are opened.. Mid-morning, we all get ready to go on some kind of a bike ride or another. Once we return, we spend the rest of the day at the creek jumping off of rocks and rope swings. As the sun sets, we go home to get cleaned up and ready to go see Rocket From The Crypt, who have reformed, just in honor of my perfect day.

Adventure Fit: How long does it normally take you to create a post on your website?

Stevil: A few hours and at least twice that many editing it, because I am both a poor typist, speller, and whatever other qualities one would need to possess in order to post anything worth reading.

Adventure Fit: If we were able to get you a year’s supply of New Belgium Beer, would you be willing to give up vegetables for a year?

Stevil: Considering the fact that this deal would almost assuredly result in me succumbing to liver failure as well as a dangerous lack of fiber, I’d have to say no.

Adventure Fit: Would you care to scribble a doodle for us?

Stevil: Yes, I would care to. Would you care to pay me for it?

Stevil giving a young fan some can stacking lessons

Thursday, August 18, 2011

St Louis Mystery Clue #1

Use the below word search to find ten items that can be seen from the location of the first mystery checkpoint.