Friday, August 31, 2012

SHAPE Diva Dash - BOSTON - Frequently Asked Questions!

Answers to YOUR most commonly asked questions!

Q: Do you have packet pick-up information for Boston? 
Q: Can I still add the option to have my bib and t-shirt mailed?
Q: What if I can’t make it to packet pick-up?
Q:  Can a friend attend packet pick-up for me?
Q: I see on Facebook that a lot of ladies have received their registration packet. I registered for shipping but haven’t gotten mine yet. Where is it?
Q: I received my packet in the mail, and it only had a T-shirt and bib number. Am I missing anything?
Q: Where can I park at the Marshfield Fairgrounds?
Q: When do I get my timing chip?
Q: Can my family and friends come to watch?
Q:  Is there a BAG CHECK for athletes?
Q: What else do I need to bring?
Q: What is the course like?
Q: What should I wear for the SHAPE Diva Dash?
Q: What happens if it rains?


Q: Do you have packet pick-up information for Boston?
A: Boston packet pick up is at the Back Bay Hilton – 40 Dalton St, Boston, MA 02115 – on Tuesday, September 4, Wednesday, September 5, and Thursday, September 6, from 3-7 PM. Packet pick up will be in the Adams Rooms A + B. Parking in the Hilton parking garage is $10 if you have your ticket validated at the front desk.

Q: Can I still add the option to have my bib and t-shirt mailed?

A:  The deadline to add shipping for Boston was Sunday, August 12. It is too late to add shipping at this point. Packet pick up is at the Back Bay Hilton in Boston on Tuesday, September 4; Wednesday, September 5; and Thursday, September 6 from 3-7PM
Q: What if I can’t make it to packet pick-up?
A:  We highly recommend attending packet pick up at the Back Bay Hilton. As a very last resort, bring your ID to the registration tent on Saturday morning and pick up your bib there. If you’re picking up the morning of, we recommend arriving 90 minutes before your start wave to give yourself ample time to park, get your packet, get your timing chip, and get lined up for your start wave without being stressed and rushed. We do not recommend this option (lines may be long, and we don’t want you to have to wait!).

Q:  Can I pick up a friend's packet, or can a friend attend packet pick-up for me?
A:  Yes! If you are picking up a packet for someone, have them text to you: a picture of their ID and permission for you to pick up their packet. If you are a minor, your parent or guardian can pick up your packet for you.
Q: I see on Facebook that a lot of ladies have received their registration packet. I registered for shipping but haven’t gotten mine yet. Where is it?
A: The post office still has it! Packets were mailed out over a period of several days. Keep an eye on your mailbox. Your packet will arrive soon! If you have moved recently and your mail is being forwarded, the packets were sent out early enough to account for mail forwarding. You should still receive your packet before the Diva Dash on September 8.
Q: I received my packet in the mail, and it only had a T-shirt and bib number. Am I missing anything?
A: That’s everything! You will pick up your timing chip the morning of the race and you’ll receive your Diva Dash bag and goodies as you cross the finish line!


Q: Where can I park at the Marshfield Fairgrounds?
A: There is parking at the Fairgrounds. There will be overflow parking across the street at the school and the Grace Ryder Home. All parking is $10 and is CASH ONLY. Load up your car and carpool to Marshfield to save money and save the planet!
Q: When do I get my timing chip?
A: You can pick up your timing chip the morning of the Diva Dash at the Marshfield Fairgrounds. Timing chips must be returned at the end of the race. We will be collecting them at the finish line. There is a $30 fee charged to participants who forget to return their chips.
Q: Can my family and friends come to watch?
A: Absolutely! Spectators, friends, families, and cheering sections are all welcome! The more the merrier. There is NO CHARGE for spectators joining us at the Marshfield Fairgrounds.
Q:  Is there a BAG CHECK for athletes?
A:  Yes. Athletes can check one bag (which will be provided by the SHAPE DIVA DASH).  To minimize crowds and chaos, please drop off your bag one hour before the start of your wave - not earlier.  You must show your bib number to claim your bag. The Shape Diva Dash is not liable for any lost, damaged or stolen items.  We STRONGLY recommend that you do not place any valuable items (ie: phones, cameras, car keys, drivers license) in your bag.  We also recommend that you do not overstuff your bag, place heavy items in the bags or store any breakables in the bag.  Unclaimed Bags will be returned to The Shape Diva Dash Event Producers (Adventure Fit Inc).  You will have five days to claim your bag or contact us about shipping your bag.  There is a $10 shipping charge for returning unclaimed bags.  After 5 days, all unclaimed bags will be donated to charity.
Q: What else do I need to bring?
A: Bring cash and your ID. All participants over the age of 21 will receive a free Coors Light, and other food and beverages will be available for purchase.
Q: What is the course like?
A: The course is a mix of everything from paved paths to rugged singletrack trail! You’ll encounter 11 obstacles over the course of 5k.
Q: What should I wear for the SHAPE Diva Dash?
A: Wear comfortable clothing with nothing that could get snagged on ropes, logs, or trees. Pin your race number on the front of your shirt so it can be clearly visible to race officials at all times. Your shoes will likely get wet and dirty – so don’t wear your new white kicks for this one!
Q: What happens if it rains?
A: The SHAPE Diva Dash is a rain or shine event! We will do everything we can to produce a safe event, regardless of weather. In the case of an act of God/terrorism/disaster, please refer to our Disaster Policy.

You can find additional information at
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chicago Mystery Clue!

Chicago has a long and storied history with bicycles, not just for fitness and racing, but also as a viable mode of transportation. This is chronicled in many places throughout the city, including (at least temporarily) at the location of the FIRST mystery checkpoint at this Sunday's Urban Assault Ride. Use the word search below to find clues about where that checkpoint may be. (by clicking the puzzle below you can view and print it as one page).

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Des Moines Mystery Clue

Hey Des Moines, we know you're a smart group, so we've got a pretty challenging mystery clue for you this year. Here are your instructions:

1) Follow THIS LINK.
2) Complete the jigsaw puzzle to reveal a photo of the location of the FIRST mystery checkpoint at this year's Urban Assault Ride.

Need a clue? Once you've completed the puzzle, look to the background.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Denver Mystery 1 Clue!

Hey Denver, unscramble each of the clue words below, then copy the letters in the numbered cells to other cells with the same number. Once you've completed the puzzle you'll know the location of the FIRST mystery checkpoint at this Sunday's Urban Assault Ride in Denver.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fort Collins Mystery Clue

Fort Collins Mystery Clue! 

Use the word search below to find 15 words that will give you the location of the FIRST mystery checkpoint. As a bonus, bring two items to donate and your team will get a raffle ticket and will be entered into a drawing for a SPECIAL PRIZE! 

S F S L D J U P H T M E A L G E S R S M 
P C J N I P Q L H W S C A B O C T R D P 
F C O F A U U E K E R R O E K U A K L O 
D O Y U K E T W E W I Y S B Y R M T O F 
X Y U E T A B H J M Y D J K K P P L V C 
B D U S S I C F E Z C H W P N S O F X Q 
I H D T E N N R E G N U H P Q E U W B D 
N J E S C T C G C X G W L D L U T G R C 
L N I A F O A K F J T A X Z R L H W U T 
K Y M W U O T L T O N V R H Q B U A S P 
T W A N J Q O X P U R A C G N O N D Q A 
T X T M W D A D T T P F L U R D G O F X 
T Y M U Q L A L B F A R O T O I E N S U 
S D O O G D E N N A C E W O C U R A E E 
Q C M V F Z F N R F N A R W D N H T D T 
I Q C E O X U A S N Q K J G W P I I A B 
V I A J C A T B U Z A W T M S Q I O F F 
I U I P D T T T F O O D D R I V E N S C 
P U B A B T F L I S N L W S X F Y M R B 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Austin Mystery Clue!

In a town as weird as Austin, it’s hard to stand out in the crowd. This local business, however, has been doing just that since 1987. Where else can you buy an espresso, a bleeding eyeball, and a narwhal in one stop? No place that we’ve found. Find the place in Austin where you can get a Sarsaparilla vegan float and you’ll find the location of the FIRST mystery checkpoint as Sunday’s Austin Urban Assault Ride. 

"Bye buddy. Hope you find your dad." 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Boston DIVA DASH: New Training Boot Camp! BSC-Woburn!

Were you one of the lucky ones who registered early enough to get an entry into the SHAPE Diva Dash in Boston?

Now it's time to start training!!!

The latest addition to our FREE training programs for registered participants in the SHAPE Diva Dash is being offered by the Boston Sports Club in Woburn!

Here are the dates for BSC-Woburn's DIVA DASH BOOTCAMPS!

1 of 4:  Wednesday, July 18 at 6:30 pm
2 of 4:  Tuesday, July 31 at 6:30 pm
3 of 4:  Wednesday, August 15 at 6:30 pm
4 of 4:  Friday, August 31 at 6:30 pm

These bootcamps are only being offered at the BSC-Woburn location - 400 Presidential Way, Woburn, MA

Register for one or all of the bootcamps with Lindsey Norse - or 781-933-3055.   There will be 4-6 personal trainers and fitness staff onsite, available for questions on running, cross-training, help with obstacles and other pertinent info.  Space is limited, so please email to request a space on the list.  We're excited to meet and train with you!

For more information on this and other Boston area training programs, check out the Diva Dash - Boston training website!

10 Years of UAR: Vote now!!!

The stories have been rolling in, and we've selected our five finalists. It wasn't an easy decision, with stories from all over the country, highlighting all of our favorite aspects of the race.

Our Grand Prize winner will take home:

Free Pair of KEEN Shoes
Free Pair of ZEAL Sunglasses
Road ID Gift Card
Free Box of Clif Bars
1 Year Subscription to DRAFT Magazine
Story Published in Bicycle Times Magazine

Everybody who votes will be entered for a chance to win a pair of ZEAL Optics sunglasses or one of five Road ID Gift Cards!

Hope to see YOU at the next Urban Assault Ride. Help us get started on our next 10 years of UAR memories!

One entry per person - duplicate entries will be deleted.
Winners of the contest will be announced on June 24th at the Urban Assault Ride in Austin. Winners not present will be notified by email within one week following the Austin event.
Email address is required to notify the winner of the pair of ZEAL sunglasses.
This contest is not affiliated with or endorsed by Facebook or Twitter.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

10 Years of UAR: Tim

We added one new city to the nation's biggest bicycle obstacle adventure series tour in 2012. We've heard stories from the oldest UAR city, and now we'll hear one from the newest UAR city. Tim's story comes from Richmond.

Last year, my Dad was deployed in Afghanistan in the 29th Infantry Division of the Army National Guard. When he came back, after around thirteen months, you can imagine the excitement and relief of the whole family. The Urban Assault Ride was something fun I did with my Dad, just him and myself.  
We entered just for fun in the family division, but it ended up that we actually had a chance.         
Something my Dad and I share is the love of biking. During his service in Afghanistan, he wrote an article explaining how he rode his bike every day to work in the military base that was later published in the Bicycle Times magazine. When my Dad came back from Afghanistan, we started mountain biking together, and the difficult tracks we ran increased my passion for biking. When my Dad found out about the Urban Assault Ride coming to Richmond, we knew immediately that we were going to do it together. 
We started biking together even more to train for the bike race, and got our bikes all fixed up for the race. Soon, the race was coming up just around the corner. We were all pumped, and extremely excited. The morning came, and we got up early, and headed downtown to the meeting/starting area. Eagerness was in the air that entire time we were down there, up until the starting time. 
As soon as the sound went off, we raced to our bicycles. I was riding a GT mountain bike, and my Dad was riding a Canondale mountain bike. We were racing and pedaling like crazy, and we were bursting with thrill in the moments that our adrenaline took over. At the first stop it took us a while, but we made it through, and continued to follow our route. We came through the next few stops, including the mystery stop and the one at the YMCA where we jumped in the pool. 
We were having such a great time, and were really impressed with ourselves to find that we actually finished the race pretty early. As we waited for all of the other contestants, we ate lunch, and tried the fun little mini games that were set up. After everyone was back, the award “ceremony” began. We ended up winning second place, and then the fun began, with relay races and dancing contests. In the end, the Urban Assault Bike race was something extremely fun and exciting that my Dad and I loved doing together.

10 Years of UAR: Paul and Grace

The Urban Assault Ride is about to celebrate its tenth year in Austin. As we've said, we've made some great memories over the years. A select group of people have been there with us all along the way. This story comes from Grace, who, with her husband Paul, has participated in every Austin UAR since its inception, and will be there with us on Sunday!

Committed to Some Crazy Race
Ten years ago I approached my husband with the idea of being my partner in a crazy bicycle race around Austin.  It appeared to be an awesome adventure to me, but he didn’t quite see eye-to-eye with me on this one.  He just looked at me as if I’d had one too many glasses of wine and said “Let me get back to you on that”.  On the morning of the race, as I moped around, he reluctantly agreed to join me in the 1st ever Urban Assault Race.   
This is the day “Team Resistance” was born.  We had no plan and no strategy; just the two of us and our bikes. We joined about 60 other teams as we made our way to several check points, but unfortunately we were more like the turtles than the hares.  The winning team finished in a couple of hours, while we sweated our butts off to cross the line after about 4 hours. 
The next year came and we had to try this challenge again; maybe we could improve our time.  We trained for the race this time and when the checkpoints were announced we devised a strategy.  We improved our time immensely but still…not good enough.   
We continued to train and work on our strategy for each and every Urban Assault Race…this year will be the 10th.  The race has grown in numbers each year, and we continue to improve.  Being super athletic doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to kick butt in the competition.  Strategy plays a large part in your results here.  As we continued to improve our finish time with each race, we felt particularly confident one year.  But our podium dreams were shot down after we misinterpreted a clue to a checkpoint.  Our time was dismal. That’s why it’s called and adventure race! 
Now with 850 teams in the Austin race, we are among some of the most “seasoned” racers (translation: oldest racers).  For the last few years we have been placing in the top 3-4 coed teams (out of ~350 coed teams) and we claim this as some of our fondest accomplishments.  We see teams half our age dashing for that finish line long after we have put our bikes away and are enjoying the post-race beers.  Not only has this race given us the challenge we needed to improve and train hard, but the confidence to compete in other races.  My husband now bikes in 100 mile rides and runs marathons.  You can’t tell me that this race didn’t make an impact on “Mr. Resistance”. 
This will be our tenth attempt at winning this race.  Okay, maybe we won’t win, but we’ll be out there alongside 1700 other nuts who really enjoy the wackiest race Austin has ever seen.  Thanks Josh for this wacky idea that has evolved into an Austin tradition. 
Paul & Grace 
Austin, TX

10 Years of UAR: Halie

Not all of our favorite stories came directly from the Urban Assault Ride. At Adventure Fit, we believe there are few problems that bikes can't solve. We think bikes are pretty fun, and we think the more ways you can incorporate them into your every day life, the more fun your life will be. Halie embraces that ideal in getting a whole neighborhood of kids to ride their bikes to school. Check out her story!

Trying to keep exercise a priority in my family’s life, my kids bike to and from school each morning possible.  Living only ½ a mile from the school that is tucked away in our neighborhood, my 7 and 8 year old love the independence this provides them.  
Encouraging other families on our street to do the same, we arrange a “neighborhood assault ride” each year that encourages the kids and parents to get up and bike to school.  Our first year we had a total of 17 participants ride to school in a single file line in the bike lane.  This year on Bike to Work Day we recruited more!  22 kids and 10 adults gathered in our driveway for doughnuts and juice before attacking the bike lane! 
The looks of drivers and crossing guards were priceless as we approached the crosswalks.   A 32 person bike caravan is definitely out of the ordinary in our neighborhood but the kids cannot wait until I plan the next one!

10 Years of UAR: Debra and Lauren

Debra and Lauren submitted their story from Minneapolis. It involves intense Big Wheel training and carefully crafted costumes!

I believe the first year we participated in the UAR was the first year it was in Minneapolis.
I could hardly wait! And I was especially excited to ride the Big Wheels! A neighborhood kid, hearing about our upcoming race, had a lot of fun showing me how to do a power slide. Not so easy for an adult on a kids big wheels! But the day of the UAR I was ready to put my practice into action. We were nearly the first ones to arrive at the obstacle checkpoint with the Big Wheels. It was so much fun! By the time we reached the end of the obstacle course a waiting line had grown - this was my opportunity to show off! I nailed a big power slide right into the parking spot! The crowd broke out into applause! And I will bet that the rest of the day there were power slides on every run! :) I did my "teacher" proud!
Another aspect of the UAR we enjoy are the costumes. We were among the few costumed riders in the first year in Minneapolis - riding a tandem bike and dressed in Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers (legendary football rivals). Another year we rode as a devil and angel (again, legendary rivals working together on a tandem). It has been fun to watch more people get into the the costumes and other antics of the UAR as each year progresses!

When we have to miss a year, like this year, it just leaves a big ol' hole in our fun quotient for the year!
Thanks UAR and all your great sponsors! We look forward to joining in again next year and making more great memories! 
Debra and Lauren Gagner

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Minneapolis Mystery Clue

Her seldom seen but more famous cousin hails from Scotland. Find this Minneapolis celebrity and you'll find the location of the first mystery checkpoint at Sunday's Minneapolis Urban Assault Ride.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

10 Years of UAR: Josephine

The stories keep rolling in! The latest entry in the 10 Years of Urban Assault Ride contest that we'll feature comes from Josephine. Tell us your story and maybe you'll find it featured on our blog soon, and if it's our Grand Prize winner, maybe you'll it featured in Bicycle Times Magazine!!! Enter today!
Team "We Go Both Ways...(over passes that is)” was back to defend our title. Started off great - were  first to multiple stops, found the 2nd mystery checkpoint and got to the finish line ~15min before the next team! So what went wrong?

#1: Second to last stop = South College Pool. Objective = jump in & grab 3 different cans of New Belgium beer. Jumped in, searched around, found 3, DONE! Got out then realized that I couldn't see...haven't been swimming in a while, but apparently if you wear contacts you're not supposed to open your eyes underwater...SO off we went to the finish blind as a bat – thank god for Kim! 
LESSON #1: If you wear contacts don't open your eyes underwater if you want to see later

#2: You earn a bead for your chain at every checkpoint. I decided that it's faster to put the beads in your mouth as you the finish I gracefully spit out the beads & reach down for our chain - it's gone. Time doesn't stop until all beads are on your chain, SO now I'm running around yelling "I need a chain, who has a chain!?" We're so early that the only people there are volunteers with no chains - FINALLY found one, got the beads on & clock in at 1hr 15min, hell yeah. BUT WAIT! We only have 7 beads & they're saying there should be 8...what? 
LESSON #2: Put on the beads as you go!
#3: I usually procrastinate, but I love UAR so I mapped out our route as soon as the checkpoints were posted. Unfortunately a checkpoint was added a week before that I never noticed & therefore didn't have on my list...turns out it was on our route & we rode RIGHT by it, BUT this was after the pool so I couldn't see, we missed the checkpoint & therefore missed a bead. We were told that missing a bead was a 10min penalty & it wouldn't be worth it to go back. 
LESSON #3: Double & TRIPLE check that you actually have ALL of the checkpoints on your map

#4: Thought we were in the clear & won since the next girls came in at 1hr 25min, 10min after our "official" time. So we're celebrating, drinking, having a grand old time till we learn that missing a bead is a 10 HOUR penalty, not 10 MINUTES - sad day. New official time: 11 hours & 15 minutes 
LESSON #4: READ the rules! 
SO in the end we destroyed the girls, but lost...still had a great time & learned some lessons along the way!
Thanks for sharing your story, Josephine!

Share YOUR story today, and register now to be a part of the next ten years of UAR memories!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

St Louis Mystery Clue!

Hey St. Louis! The clue for the FIRST mystery checkpoint is available.

1) Follow the link HERE.
2) Complete the jigsaw puzzle to see a photo of the location of the first mystery checkpoint.

We'll see you SUNDAY!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

10 Years of UAR: Jennifer

It's hard to believe it's been ten years! The Urban Assault Ride will host its 10th annual event in Austin on June 24! We've made some great memories over the years, and to celebrate the 10 years of UAR, we're collecting some of those stories and sharing them with the world.

To add to the fun, we're drawing from all of our weekly entrants for a Road ID gift card, and we'll select five finalists to be voted on for a chance to win the Grand Prize, to be announced at the Urban Assault Ride in Austin on June 24. Tell us your story to get entered for a chance to win! 

Our Grand Prize winner will get an awesome prize pack including KEEN shoes, ZEAL sunglasses, and more - PLUS get his or her story published in Bicycle Times Magazine! 

This week's winning story comes from Jennifer, who had quite the adventure at the Urban Assault Ride in Austin in 2011! Check it out!

"UAR Austin 2011 on a tandem bike, with a one-legged stoker!  First time ever for both riders on a tandem, stoker had a broken fibula,in a boot, and wasn't allowed to put any weight on her leg. All bike dismounts/rests had to be done on the left, ALWAYS. Crutches were slung across backpack for transport and had to be fitted at every obstacle, then shrunk again to safely bike again.  We completed ALL the obstacles, including the water paddle and 3 legged obstacle which we had to do on 2 legs so our third leg wouldn't bear any weight.  And we had to piggy back the first 100 yards to our bike at the start so crutches could be ready to go with the bike!  Epic!"

Tell us your story, and register today to be a part of the next ten years of Urban Assault Ride memories!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 Years of UAR: Jason

The Urban Assault Ride is celebrating its 10th season this year! We've made some great memories over the years, and we constantly hear stories and get emails from people who have taken part over the years. We're celebrating those stories in our Ten Years of Urban Assault Ride Memories Giveaway!

Share your story with us for a shot at this week's giveaway and the Grand Prize! We'll announce the winner at the Urban Assault Ride in Austin! Register today to be a part of the next ten years of memories!

Jason won last week's drawing for a Road ID gift card, and he shared this story with us. It's a great story that encapsulates so much of what we're about - fun for all ages, the great after party, and discovering new ways to incorporate your bicycle into your everyday life.

Thanks, Jason!

Hi Josh-
Met you briefly at last year's Minneapolis UAR, where I rode with a friend.  I just wanted to reach out to you to personally say thanks for putting this event on, I know it's got to be a ton of work, but I also wanted to let you know you're accomplishing your mission of spreading the good word about biking.

I had never ridden on the Minneapolis Greenway, prior to last year's UAR- Now I commute on it to work, about 3-4 days/week.  I brought my family to this year's Minneapolis UAR, and we won 2nd & 3rd place in the family division, and my eldest son won the Mustache dance-off (of which I am more proud).  I also got 5 teams of my co-workers to attend, and they had a blast!

Yesterday, the Monday after the UAR, they asked their Mom if they could ride to school, and they all did.

Anyways, thought you'd enjoy hearing that- and thanks again- Keep up the good work!  We will all be signing up right away next year!


Monday, May 7, 2012

UAR: New Friends, Old Friends, and These Guys

I promised you last week I would tell you the story of these guys.

Producing the Urban Assault Ride over ten years in multiple cities across the US, we’ve met some interesting folks. We meet thousands of people every year, from racers, to volunteers, to local business owners. It takes the cooperation of many hands to put on a race series like this, from our own team, to the dedicated non-profits we work with, to the Special Ops team, and more. The guys above… they fall into a category all their own.

The scene: Austin, Texas, June 2009.

Because Austin’s UAR is the oldest race in the series, it has historically been our biggest race of the year. To put on an event that size and keep long lines from forming at our obstacles, we needed a LOT of everything. We had an obstacle that year in Austin called “Human Bumper Cars,” which amongst other things, required 24 huge 18-wheeler sized inner tubes to be inflated. A floor pump wasn’t going to be up to the task, and as it turns out, neither was one of the compressors we had along for the job.

With one of our compressors dead, and our partnering bike shops closed, we found ourselves shuttling empty tubes to a gas station, getting the air turned on, filling them, running them back to the obstacle site, and repeating. A time consuming endeavor to be sure. Fortunately, we found some willing helpers hanging out nearby. We recruited one gentleman, who recruited help, and their team of three made quick work of a task that would have taken us 4 hours on our own. In the end, they accepted our original offer of $20, turned that $20 into a 30 pack of (clearly not New Belgium) beer, a couple Snickers bars, and a good night.

What's your favorite Urban Assault Ride story? Submit your favorite memories to for a chance at winning one of our weekly prizes or our Grand Prize, to be voted on leading up to our 10th annual Urban Assault Ride in Austin on June 24, 2012.

Don't miss your chance to be a part of the next ten years of Urban Assault Ride memories. Register today!