Wednesday, May 23, 2012

10 Years of UAR: Jennifer

It's hard to believe it's been ten years! The Urban Assault Ride will host its 10th annual event in Austin on June 24! We've made some great memories over the years, and to celebrate the 10 years of UAR, we're collecting some of those stories and sharing them with the world.

To add to the fun, we're drawing from all of our weekly entrants for a Road ID gift card, and we'll select five finalists to be voted on for a chance to win the Grand Prize, to be announced at the Urban Assault Ride in Austin on June 24. Tell us your story to get entered for a chance to win! 

Our Grand Prize winner will get an awesome prize pack including KEEN shoes, ZEAL sunglasses, and more - PLUS get his or her story published in Bicycle Times Magazine! 

This week's winning story comes from Jennifer, who had quite the adventure at the Urban Assault Ride in Austin in 2011! Check it out!

"UAR Austin 2011 on a tandem bike, with a one-legged stoker!  First time ever for both riders on a tandem, stoker had a broken fibula,in a boot, and wasn't allowed to put any weight on her leg. All bike dismounts/rests had to be done on the left, ALWAYS. Crutches were slung across backpack for transport and had to be fitted at every obstacle, then shrunk again to safely bike again.  We completed ALL the obstacles, including the water paddle and 3 legged obstacle which we had to do on 2 legs so our third leg wouldn't bear any weight.  And we had to piggy back the first 100 yards to our bike at the start so crutches could be ready to go with the bike!  Epic!"

Tell us your story, and register today to be a part of the next ten years of Urban Assault Ride memories!

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