Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 Years of UAR: Jason

The Urban Assault Ride is celebrating its 10th season this year! We've made some great memories over the years, and we constantly hear stories and get emails from people who have taken part over the years. We're celebrating those stories in our Ten Years of Urban Assault Ride Memories Giveaway!

Share your story with us for a shot at this week's giveaway and the Grand Prize! We'll announce the winner at the Urban Assault Ride in Austin! Register today to be a part of the next ten years of memories!

Jason won last week's drawing for a Road ID gift card, and he shared this story with us. It's a great story that encapsulates so much of what we're about - fun for all ages, the great after party, and discovering new ways to incorporate your bicycle into your everyday life.

Thanks, Jason!

Hi Josh-
Met you briefly at last year's Minneapolis UAR, where I rode with a friend.  I just wanted to reach out to you to personally say thanks for putting this event on, I know it's got to be a ton of work, but I also wanted to let you know you're accomplishing your mission of spreading the good word about biking.

I had never ridden on the Minneapolis Greenway, prior to last year's UAR- Now I commute on it to work, about 3-4 days/week.  I brought my family to this year's Minneapolis UAR, and we won 2nd & 3rd place in the family division, and my eldest son won the Mustache dance-off (of which I am more proud).  I also got 5 teams of my co-workers to attend, and they had a blast!

Yesterday, the Monday after the UAR, they asked their Mom if they could ride to school, and they all did.

Anyways, thought you'd enjoy hearing that- and thanks again- Keep up the good work!  We will all be signing up right away next year!


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