Monday, May 7, 2012

UAR: New Friends, Old Friends, and These Guys

I promised you last week I would tell you the story of these guys.

Producing the Urban Assault Ride over ten years in multiple cities across the US, we’ve met some interesting folks. We meet thousands of people every year, from racers, to volunteers, to local business owners. It takes the cooperation of many hands to put on a race series like this, from our own team, to the dedicated non-profits we work with, to the Special Ops team, and more. The guys above… they fall into a category all their own.

The scene: Austin, Texas, June 2009.

Because Austin’s UAR is the oldest race in the series, it has historically been our biggest race of the year. To put on an event that size and keep long lines from forming at our obstacles, we needed a LOT of everything. We had an obstacle that year in Austin called “Human Bumper Cars,” which amongst other things, required 24 huge 18-wheeler sized inner tubes to be inflated. A floor pump wasn’t going to be up to the task, and as it turns out, neither was one of the compressors we had along for the job.

With one of our compressors dead, and our partnering bike shops closed, we found ourselves shuttling empty tubes to a gas station, getting the air turned on, filling them, running them back to the obstacle site, and repeating. A time consuming endeavor to be sure. Fortunately, we found some willing helpers hanging out nearby. We recruited one gentleman, who recruited help, and their team of three made quick work of a task that would have taken us 4 hours on our own. In the end, they accepted our original offer of $20, turned that $20 into a 30 pack of (clearly not New Belgium) beer, a couple Snickers bars, and a good night.

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