Sunday, June 17, 2012

10 Years of UAR: Halie

Not all of our favorite stories came directly from the Urban Assault Ride. At Adventure Fit, we believe there are few problems that bikes can't solve. We think bikes are pretty fun, and we think the more ways you can incorporate them into your every day life, the more fun your life will be. Halie embraces that ideal in getting a whole neighborhood of kids to ride their bikes to school. Check out her story!

Trying to keep exercise a priority in my family’s life, my kids bike to and from school each morning possible.  Living only ½ a mile from the school that is tucked away in our neighborhood, my 7 and 8 year old love the independence this provides them.  
Encouraging other families on our street to do the same, we arrange a “neighborhood assault ride” each year that encourages the kids and parents to get up and bike to school.  Our first year we had a total of 17 participants ride to school in a single file line in the bike lane.  This year on Bike to Work Day we recruited more!  22 kids and 10 adults gathered in our driveway for doughnuts and juice before attacking the bike lane! 
The looks of drivers and crossing guards were priceless as we approached the crosswalks.   A 32 person bike caravan is definitely out of the ordinary in our neighborhood but the kids cannot wait until I plan the next one!


  1. What an amazing idea to teach our youth the importance of exercise and freedom of cycling! I want to
    Share this story with others and maybe can do the same in Heath, TX!

  2. I have the amazing blessing of having this beautiful, healthy and actve young people in my life! Go Austin Family!!!!!!

  3. This story is so inspiring! Thanks Halie of Austin, for motivating a new generation!

  4. Good job on leading by example! You've got my vote.