Sunday, June 17, 2012

10 Years of UAR: Debra and Lauren

Debra and Lauren submitted their story from Minneapolis. It involves intense Big Wheel training and carefully crafted costumes!

I believe the first year we participated in the UAR was the first year it was in Minneapolis.
I could hardly wait! And I was especially excited to ride the Big Wheels! A neighborhood kid, hearing about our upcoming race, had a lot of fun showing me how to do a power slide. Not so easy for an adult on a kids big wheels! But the day of the UAR I was ready to put my practice into action. We were nearly the first ones to arrive at the obstacle checkpoint with the Big Wheels. It was so much fun! By the time we reached the end of the obstacle course a waiting line had grown - this was my opportunity to show off! I nailed a big power slide right into the parking spot! The crowd broke out into applause! And I will bet that the rest of the day there were power slides on every run! :) I did my "teacher" proud!
Another aspect of the UAR we enjoy are the costumes. We were among the few costumed riders in the first year in Minneapolis - riding a tandem bike and dressed in Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers (legendary football rivals). Another year we rode as a devil and angel (again, legendary rivals working together on a tandem). It has been fun to watch more people get into the the costumes and other antics of the UAR as each year progresses!

When we have to miss a year, like this year, it just leaves a big ol' hole in our fun quotient for the year!
Thanks UAR and all your great sponsors! We look forward to joining in again next year and making more great memories! 
Debra and Lauren Gagner

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