Monday, April 25, 2011

The Divaist Diva of them all

We asked Shae Ranier a couple questions following her victory at the SHAPE Diva Dash. Check out her answers....

  • What did you do to prepare for the Diva Dash?

  •         I have been running and preparing for the Xterra Triathlons and figured this would be perfect to coincide with trail running.  In some of the xterra races you have to jump over logs, climb stairs, and run on crazy and suprising terrain.  So with my off road triahtlon training and trail running races, I was ready for the DIVA Dash!

  • What was your favorite obstacle?

  •         My favorite obstacle was the tire run, even though it hurt really bad afterwards to run uphill! I would also have to say the "lilly pad" obstacle was fun too!  After the first jump and then waiting a second to get balance,  I figured it was easiest not to wait and use the momentum of the tube going foward to go ahead and make the next jump.  It used core and stabilization on the runner's part. 

  • What advice do you have for Divas that want to perform better?

  •         My advise for future DIVA's is to have a good running base of at least a 5k, and be able to do whatever physical obstacle comes your way.  Circuit and strength training is a good way to introduce the physical aspect.  If you are new to running, I would suggest you take full advatange of the preparation classed they have available in your area through local running groups and companies.  As far as the mental aspect goes with this race, you have to be prepared as any race,  that it is going to hurt but it is only temporarily!

  • Who are you taking on the trip to Aruba?   

  •        I had a mission coming into this race, I wanted to win a honeymoon for our upcoming wedding in September, so I will be taking my fiance' or husband depending on the date of the trip!

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