Friday, January 25, 2013

Diva Dash Ambassador Program

Do you know anyone who would like a free iPod Shuffle, a pair of running shoes and free entry to the Diva Dash?
Let me tell you about the Diva Dash Ambassador Program.

The Diva Dash is a women-only adventure obstacle run. It is sponsored by SHAPE Magazine. The 5K course is designed to challenge and empower women with obstacles that test strength, speed, balance, agility, etc.
The purpose of the Ambassador is to promote and expose women to the Shape Diva Dash and encourage fitness, fellowship and fun. By encouraging teams to register together we feel that shared experiences will help create bonds and further empower women to be healthy and strong.

Each Ambassador will receive posters, postcards, and a unique coupon code that saves $5 off registration. Use your network to distribute your code and receive free benefits for every 10, 25, 50 times your code is used for registration. For example, a free Diva Dash entry is the first benefit after 10 registrations.

The only place that you cannot post your code is the Diva Dash Facebook page.

Know anyone who is interested?

Want to find out more about the benefits of being a Diva Dash Ambassador?

Email with your name and a few sentences describing yourself. Tell us why you are interested in the Diva Dash and reasons why you would make an awesome Diva Dash Ambassador.

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