Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Diva Dash- A unique perspective

Let’s talk a little bit about the Diva Dash…

I’m going to give you a little peak behind the curtain.
I work off and on with the Adventure Fit Crew. I arrive in a particular city a couple of days before the event and get to participate in the set up of the course and perform a lot behind the scenes. If you’ve ever seen me it’s usually tearing off on a bicycle to a particular spot to check on the race course or to support the staff and volunteers. Our job is to provide a safe and rewarding experience for all who participate.

When I hear people talk about the Diva Dash, they try to compare it to other similar races. Oh, it's similiar to this race or that race. That it’s just another obstacle run. I feel that it is more than a physical exercise of speed and strength. What I see at races cannot be compared to your typical 5K or adventure run.

There’s a lot of cheering, smiles and energy around the start line. I see women, stopping short of the finish line to cheer others to the finish. I see groups of friends who used the Diva Dash as an opportunity to train together, to improve their fitness, and bond with others through the shared experience of an obstacle run. There’s always a crowd around the cargo net cheering the women climbing up and over the last obstacle. After the race groups are taking pictures, playing tug-o-war, and grabbing snacks or other giveaways provided by our sponsors. It’s not just about the run. It seems to be a gathering. People hang out with friends and enjoy the day and the sense of accomplishment.

For more pictures:
I look forward to seeing you all there and if you want more info about the Shape Diva Dash, just go here:

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